How to tie a wrap

Awesome photographer, Mira and gorgeous models, Ai-Linn and Logan were kind enough to help me demonstrate the art of baby wearing. Ai-Linn is an expert and has been wearing both her children in all kinds of carriers for years. We suggest that you try this over a bed or soft surface the first few times or until it becomes second nature. Also, talk to your health care provider if you have any questions about safe carrier options. The wrap that Ai-Linn is using is called the moby wrap but we also like the Boba and the Mamankangourou.

1. Place the (center) label of the wrap in front of your abdomen, and wrap around waist.


2. Cross the fabric behind your back and bring the free ends up and over your shoulders. Hold both ends in front of you and tuck in.

3. Pull down slightly to remove slack and raise the front part with the label to your chest.

4. Cross the front free ends around the waist to the back and then bring the ends back to the front.


5. Tie in a double knot in front or side of hip.

6. Hold baby up on your shoulder and place baby's legs one at a time through each side of the "x". 

7. Spread the fabric wide across the baby's bottom, back and shoulder.

8. Tuck baby under the second half of the wrap and spread across their body.


9. Pull the center piece of fabric with the logo over the baby's back, ensuring a snug fit across their entire body, the fabric should be tight enough to hold the baby's entire weight without sinking.