Benefits of Baby Wearing



I loved carrying both my kids! I felt confident, knowing that they were calm and happy. Their needs were being met without needing to cry. Baby wearing is not only functional and versatile, but also a great way to assist baby's transition from womb to the outside world; It helps to regulate their own systems, by hearing their caregiver's heartbeat and being rocked by their movements.

Here are some more benefits to this hands-free way of carrying baby

Your baby will cry less: In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers revealed that wearing baby for 3 hours a day reduced an infant's crying by 43% overall and 54% in the evening hours. 

Your baby will interact more: As your baby develops, it will love being at a height where it can see and interact with the world in front of them.

It allows you to do more:Multitasking is a possibility when your hands are free to do more, like tend to the needs of siblings, do chores, etc. You will also have the freedom to go places (hiking, TTC) a bulky stroller cannot.

Baby learns more: When babies are fussing less, they are spending more time in a calm, alert state, thereby enhancing their visual and auditory alertness.

It creates a stronger parent/child bond: Cuddled in a carrier is a great way for baby to create a strong attachment with their caregiver through familiar smells and sounds, whether it be Grandpa, Dad, Mum, etc.

It encourages successful breastfeeding: Baby's early feeding cues are noticed sooner. When Baby is near their source of milk, they will nurse more often, and gain more weight.

Better sleep: carried babies fall asleep more quickly and sleep for longer periods of time.