Postpartum Doula Care
basic package


Postpartum Services Include:

As a Postpartum Doula, I offer physical and emotional support to the new mother, partner and her family, by ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood. I'm there to help you establish a solid routine, to listen, comfort, and educate. Research shows women who are supported in the postpartum period have a reduction in postpatum depression, breastfeed longer and adjust to parenthood more quickly.

Basic postpartum package:

  • Assistance with all newborn care (diapering, bathing, burping, swaddling, soothing, basic hygiene)
  • Lactation support
  • Emotional support for stressed and anxious parents
  • Helping to organize household schedules 
  • Family adjustment strategies (especially beneficial with older siblings)
  • Light housework and meal preparations
  • Teaching basic infant massage techniques (very useful for digestive upset)
  • Helping to identify coping strategies to soothe a new baby
  • Provide community resources (medical and social)

*As a doula, I do not perform any clinical tasks, or recommend any medications. 

Cost: $180 for a 3 hour session

$465.00  for 9hours. ( 3 postpartum visits) 

In our experience we find the greatest benefit for the family comes from 3 or more visits.


Postnatal Yoga

Basic postpartum package + 1 hour individualized yoga class


Basic package (3 hours) plus 1 hour yoga session focusing on:

  • Core and abdominal strengthening
  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Hip openers
  • Tight shoulders and back
  • Sore wrists
  • Relaxation techniques

     Cost: $250

Infant Massage



A one hour infant massage visit that focuses on teaching caregivers techniques to help baby with digestion, body awarenes, bonding.

Cost: $60


Prenatal Classes


Small group or private classes are available.   We will discuss labour, birth, baby care and breastfeeding. Hands-on techniques, hand outs, birth videos and labour practice are included.

Cost: $360

Lactation Support

60 minute breastfeeding support
Cost: $54

Telephone Consultation

$40 for a 30 minute telephone consultation.

** All prices do not include 13% HST